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Based out of Los Angeles by way of Little Rock, Arkansas Kwestion, born (Michael Sykes) has stepped out on faith to chase his dream. His musical roots stemmed from his pops "Mike Strike" drummer for Reggae Bands "Sound Generator", "Afrodisa" &  "One Stone Band". At an young age Kwestion was always surrounded by music. His aunt Temettress  "Tem" also made Kwestion go to church with her on Sundays. This is where he learned how to play the piano by ear. During his adolescent years Kwestion would met Chris Davis "Da Bug man" who taught him who to sequence & format music production. Da Bug man also co-owned Record Label "Diamond Cut Platinum Ent" along with Cordell Gilreath "6". During this time this is where Kwestion fined tuned his  compositions as a hip-hop producer. Producing for independent artist "A'State Hustlers" with records like "Everyday All Day, Showing Up,  Robbery, Don't F*** Wit U, Street Life, Diddle Diddle, Pimp Suit, Dem Boyz". Also developing his skill as a writer as well he released his first Mixtape mid 2007 entitled  "Welcome To Tha DiaCu"   Kwestion was in a battle to find himself as an artist, with big influences like DMX, Jay Z, Ja Rule, DipSet, T.I., Scarface, Outkast, 8Ball & MJG, UGK,. With Kwestion trying to find his lane he released a few other projects with fellow hip hop heavy hitter "Goines". Projects like "I Got Juice Tha Juicetape" , "Jungle Juice" " S.M.H.D.A.P." Then released second solo mixtape " It's Only Kwestion". By this time in his career he is beginning to find his sound and his lane as a lyricist. Regional internet host " Dj Smooth Tha Dude" helped Kwestion and gave him a platform on a bigger stage with Radio play world wide. Smooth played a big part in the next few years of Kwestion's career with the help Of Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes they teamed up to do Smooth's first Big mixtape . #JustAReminder was a huge hit for the two. #JustAReminder was a statement from both Smooth Tha Dude and Kwestion that its the AR in the title would reign supreme soon in the Hip Hop world. By this time Kwestion has made a name in his city and now is ready to take it up a notch. The "Greater Than Great Series"  "Greater Than Great : 1st Quarter", "Greater Than Great: 2nd Quarter" , "Greater Than Great: Halftime" ,  "Greater Than Great: 3rd Quarter" is where we are now.  As a musician & wordsmith Kwestion has set out to make music that he considers to be "timeless". Building his brand throughout the West Coast while still keeping his southern roots in the music he creates. Dope eclectic production with an musician's approach, charismatic flo, crazy rhyme scheme, deep heart felt records that he speak's his soul into each line.


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Sound Designer / Writer


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 Greater Than Great: 3rd Quarter

Greater Than Great: 3rd Quarter


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